5 Themes for Dinner and Theme Parties in NYC

5 Themes for Dinner and Theme Parties in NYC

Holidays, weddings, birthdays and coming-of-age celebrations like Sweet 16s are a wonderful reason to get together with family and friends. But spending time with loved ones shouldn’t be restricted to formal celebrations. Eastern Star Cruises often sets up dinner and theme parties that give our clients the chance to make a reason to dress up, be a little silly and spend time with each other.

So here are 5 themes for get-togethers that don’t necessarily need to be accompanied by a holiday.

Centering a party around a favorite book, movie or play is a great way to liven things up and bond with friends who share your preferences. Harry Potter themes can be done quite tastefully with butter beer and treacle tarts. Or a less well-known film, like Chocolat, can pull together old friends over carefully crafted chocolates and entrees sprinkled in savory cocoa.

Historical eras are always a safe bet for themes, especially if you pay attention to details like fringe-vests for the 60s or feathers in flower arrangements for the 20s. A Prohibition party is likely to go over as well as a Leave it to Beaver retro 50s cocktail party.

Keeping it simple with a color palette theme is another way to go. White parties have been really popular in the past few years, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up with an all red party or a summer-filled yellow party.

Speaking of colors, going green is sure to be a hit with a sustainable themed party. You can use all organic, local ingredients in the dishes (by request, or your own volition). Using DIY details like mason jar vases and drink glasses or burlap place mats is another great way to spread awareness, keep costs down and have a beautiful, fun-filled night.

Finally, don’t count out unusual holidays. Valentine’s Day is pretty easy to throw a party for, but what about Groundhog Day? Using all brown foods or playing on themes from the Bill Murray movie will task you to get a bit creative, but it can pay-off big time in a party that’s difficult to follow.

For more ideas on dinner parties and to book your reservation, contact Eastern Star Cruises today.

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