A NYC Wedding at Sea

A NYC Wedding at Sea

A wedding isn’t about the venue. It’s about your partner, your family, your friends, and the commitment you’re about to make. But your big day should be that. It should be yours. And there’s just not a more dramatic, intimate, idyllic setting than a yacht. Unless that yacht comes readymade with pristine views of the NYC skyline.


Hosting your wedding on a yacht is an easy way to limit the guest list. Our yacht is 85’ long, so everyone you love can be accommodated comfortably, but there’s no need to worry about making awkward excuses for acquaintances. Keep it small: you’ll be able to spend more time with your guests and not have to worry about networking on your wedding day.


If you’re worrying about choosing a unifying theme, picking a yacht as your venue eliminates that stressor. Go with nautical. Groomsmen look amazing in Sperry’s, getting to use nautical twine as accent pieces is both affordable and adorable, and navy and white is an extremely flattering pallet for bridesmaids.


You’re bound to have stunning photographs to remember your day. Between ticking of the “Titanic” pose at the bow of the ship, popping a bottle of champagne over the side of the boat, and catching your wedding party in front of a sunset over a NYC skyline, the difficulty is going to be in figuring out which photo to frame.


Finally, forget the horse-drawn carriage or the limo with cans tied to the back. If your wedding is on a yacht, who’s to say you can’t make your big getaway with your partner on a WaveRunner? The options for a dramatic exit are endless.


If you’re considering a yacht for your wedding, call Eastern Star Cruises today. We’d be happy to help!

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