An Aura of Sophistication Has Been Quickly Returning to Manhattan

An Aura of Sophistication Has Been Quickly Returning to Manhattan

A sense of luxury is a big part of what makes New York City the best city in the world. Manhattan itself is brimming with boutiques where patrons can select from a world-class selection of almost anything. Eastern Star Cruises is glad to see that another major company catering to the elite class will be opening its doors soon in our neighborhood. That company is Neiman Marcus.

As more companies do their best to cater to an elite lifestyle, more people will strive to be classier. Deep in their heart of hearts, men and women like to have luxury options; they need to see with their own two eyes what it means to live the good life. Let’s be honest; class and contemporary culture seem like polar opposites, on other sides of the globe. Adults don’t even dress up when they travel! It’s as if the entire country has devolved into one giant frat house. It’s time to pack our things and move onto something better and with the help of Neiman Marcus, we are getting closer to a classier reality.

As this article published by Fortune reports, the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus will build its first flagship store ever in New York City. Never before in the company’s 107-year history has the company decided to put down roots in our metropolis. Now, 250,000 square feet of Neiman Marcus retail space will open up in nearby Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s west side in 2018. That is 250,000 square feet of pure class!

12272922_SAn incredibly robust market for luxury sales has spurred on this departure from the corporation’s typical strategy. Based in Dallas, Neiman Marcus had always steered clear of NYC because it didn’t want to draw profits away from sister store Bergdorf Goodman. The luxury market’s strength has eased those fears for the company, however.

Neiman Marcus isn’t the only luxury retailer looking to ride the rising tide of the New York City market. In 2018, Nordstrom will also open its first department store in Manhattan. Major renovations in the coming years are also in the works for Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman. See? Now the average New Yorker and tourist will get to see a variety of luxury options with their very own eyes. Needless to say, this pleases the classy professionals at Eastern Star Cruises.

An aura of sophistication has been quickly returning to Manhattan in the past few years. When you want a wider (and luxurious) perspective on the city, let Eastern Star Cruises take you and your guests out on New York City’s best private charter experience. From the skyline to the Statue of Liberty, you’ll enjoy a view of city life that few get to see for themselves. We also offer a range of dining and entertainment options for hosting elite parties or business meetings.

Class up your look then bring it to New York City waters!

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