The Basic Elements of a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

The Basic Elements of a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

While many brides (and grooms!) opt for a traditional or fancy rehearsal dinners, some couples prefer to keep it low-key. Relaxing rehearsal dinners are a nice complement to any theme, as they give the family the chance to get to know one another. With attention focused more on conversation than on fanfare, guests can truly connect before the wedding. Remember, you don’t have to coordinate your wedding rehearsal dinner to the theme of your wedding; it can have its own theme, affording a casual and relaxing atmosphere for the wedding party.

A laid-back rehearsal dinner can save significant cash for the couple, among many other benefits. You can set the tone by noting that the rehearsal is an informal event, right on the invitations. Include all important information, date, time, location, and theme (or lack of).

Common questions about Wedding Rehearsals

Why have rehearsals?

Wedding rehearsal dinners are a great opportunity for families and friends to congregate. When a wedding party has a chance to connect, everything goes more smoothly and everyone has a wonderful time; people make lifetime friends at events like this.

Who Hosts the Rehearsal Dinner?

Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts the dinner, but if you’re not sticking to tradition it’s up for debate!

Who Should We Invite?

Typically, you’d invite immediate family and the wedding party. The rehearsal should be small, but invite anyone that is important to you, or anyone who plays an important role in your wedding.

Key Elements of Wedding Rehearsals

Meet and Greet

At the beginning of the dinner, prior to cocktails or meals, walk around and introduce everyone. Get people talking; introduce friends or family members who may have something in common; set the mood for the night.

Gift Exchange

Designate a specific time, before or after eating, for gift exchanges. This is when you trade gifts with your wedding party, and share sentimental moments with everyone.


Sometimes there are several toasts; this is the best part of the dinner, the part that brings most couples to tears

• Recap the plan and dole out small “friendly reminders” for any important tidbits you don’t want forgotten.


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