Private and Personal Parties on the Hudson River

Private and Personal Parties on the Hudson River

There are so many reasons to celebrate in this lifetime, and Eastern Star Cruises wants to help you bring your party to a venue that floats along the Hudson River and the myriad of other waterways surrounding New York City. If you’re thinking about bringing your next celebration to the next level, our private yacht cruises will show you a luxurious side to the city that few ever get to witness.

Our events page has plenty of ideas for the kinds of parties, which we service on our private yacht liner. Perhaps you might want to bring your next corporate event or business party to a formal setting like the one we can provide. Think about thanking dozens of employees for a job well done or announcing the latest great business project undertaken by your organization while a soft breeze from the water plays across your face for the perfect dose of business casual.

We also play a great host to more private and personal parties involving family members or loved ones. There are few experiences in this life like a seaside Sweet 16 birthday party. For our clients celebrating faith traditions, we’ve welcomed bar and bat mitzvahs onto our deck before. Younger passengers, especially those who are the center of attention, will leave our yacht having had a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We can also provide a good setting for more somber events, like memorials. Our yacht charters are a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of our great metropolis with a few loved ones when solace is needed. We’ve also hosted team-building events that are meant to build camaraderie among a group. Even if you might not be celebrating, our yachts may still be the perfect venue for your personal or business needs.

Eastern Star Cruises is standing by right now, ready to service whatever event needs you have. Treat yourself to some of the finest views of Manhattan that the city has to offer. Our private yacht will take you around the city in grand style.

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