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Summer Awards Ceremonies in New York City

GraduationAfter a long and cold winter, summer is the best pick me up. We’ve finally turned the corner into some warmer weather here in New York! Say “goodbye” to apartment fever, and “hello” the season of warmth and celebration.

Summer is a popular time for many types of important ceremonies. During this blossoming time of year, students are graduating, teachers are retiring, couples are getting married, and organizations are hosting events. All of these types of ceremonies require special planning, organization, and outlining. There are several steps in becoming organized for your awards ceremony.

Who or What is Your Ceremony For?

Will you be celebrating a single person, a small group of people, or a large group? Also, keep your audience in mind. You will have to plan accordingly and the size of your audience will have to be taken into consideration. Some of our luxurious yachts will accommodate higher numbers of people while other liners are better for smaller groups.

How Much Can You Spend?

When you have a set budget, this will help you to determine the price you can spend on different things for your event. As event planners, Eastern Star Yacht Charters can take your budget and stretch it to encompass all of the right elements to create the perfect event.

Where to Hold Your Event:

While cruising on New York’s Hudson River, you can host an event with the help of a professional event coordinator. Along with the deluxe treatments you receive on the cruise, you will also be able to enjoy sights and sounds of the Big Apple, right in the background of your ceremony.

What Needs to be Said?

At almost any ceremony, especially an awards ceremony, there is a speech involved. Be sure that you have informed everyone who will be presenting or speaking that they have this responsibility. Make sure they know what they are going to say, and that they are going to say it well. Prepare yourself; construct an outline, create personalized cue cards, and rehearse the speech.


How do you plan to entertain your guests? Popular forms of entertainment for the duration of the event include: DJs, celebrities or inspirational speakers, photo booths, or casino/gaming opportunities. Eastern Star can help you put together the very best in entertainment.