Team Building at Eastern Star Cruises

Team Building at Eastern Star Cruises

Team building is an essential part of getting your business running at optimal efficiency and also for keeping your staff happy. There’s no better place to host a team building session than with Eastern Star Cruises. Your staff will be treated to a change of venue, complete with a spectacular view of the New York skyline and impeccable service.

Once you’re all aboard, how do you start building your team? We’ve put together a list of our three favorite tried and true team building activities to help you get started.

The Ten Things game is a simple start. Get your team on the same page by breaking them into groups of four or five people. Then tell them that they have ten minutes to figure out ten things they have in common. Keep it challenging by disallowing things like “we all have a nose” or “we all wear shoes.” Then share with the group at large.

Starting with a funny icebreaker is another way to get your group to open up in a low pressure environment. Ask a question like “if you could stay any age forever, what age would it be and why?” or “if you could choose an imaginary friend, who would you choose and why?” Alleviate more pressure by making answers anonymous on slips of paper.

Finally, try a speed meeting icebreaker. This is based on speed dating, where the participants ask three questions and respond to three questions before moving on to the next partner. For staff that have never met, questions can be simple: name, job title, why they’re attending the training. For staff that already know each other, try more interesting questions: favorite food, weirdest work moment, what they hope to learn at the team building event.

For a fun and effective team building conference, contact Eastern Star Cruises today. We’re looking forward to your event.


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