Team Building Cruises


Most employers look for ways to create a “team” atmosphere with their employees, which usually involves an icebreaker. Many times these icebreaker games cause more sweat and anxiety than anything else. Building a team of people where employees feel at ease, comfortable in their position, and are acquainted with everyone can be tricky.

While the Daily Muse put together a great list of non-traditional activities to build company camaraderie, our favorite option is the field trip option. Get you employees out of the office and let them relax and unwind in a comfortable atmosphere.

A unique team building idea that will set the bar of breaking down the awkward barrier between employees is our chartered yacht cruise. By removing your employees from the confines of the office and onto a comfortable setting aboard our yacht, your team will be at ease. What’s unique about our yacht cruise is that we encourage you bring a whole new level to team building and have as much fun as possible.

Here are a few fun team-building activities to try aboard our yacht:

1. Let loose on the dance floor with a Macarena or Cha-Cha Slide dance contest.

2. Have a sing off with Karaoke.

3. A scavenger hunt throughout the yacht requires team effort on a different scale.

4. Everybody loves limbo! It’s quick, it’s easy to set up and it’s a guarantee for smiles and laughter.

5. Show and tell is not just for kindergarten! Allow your employees to bring aboard something that is their passion and that they can speak freely about.

These team-building activities create a sense of unity among employees without the strain of forcing to spill all the beans about themselves. Plus, it’s fun! To learn more about our team building yacht cruises, call us today.


-Laurie Kutscera & Christine Majid

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