The Trend of Planning Extravagant Wedding Proposals

The Trend of Planning Extravagant Wedding Proposals

Even though planning a wedding can be stressful and hectic, a happily married couple never regrets making their day as special as possible. Everything must be exactly as the bride and groom want it and nothing can be left to chance. More and more, this attention to perfect detail is being applied to the proposal that starts it all.

Men know they only have one chance at the perfect proposal, and they’re increasingly willing to pay huge sums of money to make the moment as magical as possible. Professional proposal planners are charging six-figures for some of the more extravagant requests, casting actors, renting space and acquiring permits at the request of the hopeful guy. It seems these proposals are, in some ways, the new wedding ring, meant to dazzle and excite a lucky lady so much that she won’t even think of rejecting the offer.

Anytime a couple announces their engagement to friends and family, they’re always asked how he popped the question. So who wouldn’t want a response that nobody will ever forget? Whether you hire a dance troupe to blow away the fiancé or come up with an equally elaborate plan, like proposing aboard the Eastern Star, the most unforgettable moment for the bride is still sure to be those four simple words: Will you marry me?

Written by Laurie Kutscera

Laurie Kutscera

Laurie Smollett Kutscera is the co-owner and director of sales and events at Eastern Star Cruises.

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